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Back on it! The secret of my success

I have joined a bespoke weight loss programme called Natural Ketosis. I am losing inches fast and I thought you might want to take a look, as it really quite different.

They deliver high protein low carb whole meals and snacks to you that triggers your body to burn fat fast. Not only that, they then teach you how to do it for yourself and so it is the last diet you have to do.

If you do go ahead, mention my name and you can get a 10% further discount on your programme.



– Nicola Mckenzie


#RAB2016 An appeal to help Brad achieve his Lands’ End – John O’Groats Challenge 2016

My Stepson Bradley, decided a couple of years ago to take up cycling and has found himself getting keener and keener in his rides. Now he has decided to, and has been given the opportunity, to push his boundaries, and raise money for charity at the same time. Via his employers; DHL he has gained a place onto this year’s team to do the Lands’ End – John O’Groats Challenge, that’s 960 miles in 9 days.

He needs to raise £1500.00 to take part and is about 1/5th of the way there at the moment. If anyone would consider some sponsorship you can donate now at this link:

and you can have a read all about the challenge from this link:

If you can help, then many thanks, if not, don’t worry about it but please consider sharing this post or and his sponsorship page on your social medias?

You can follow his progress and cheer him on from 10th September 2016.

Many thanks for reading this


Nicci x








Today’s weigh in

It was my weigh in today. I have been following the (what was Go Lower) Natural Ketosis plan since 24 October 2011. It is a low carbohydrate high protein plan.
This is my total weight loss since embarking on the plan…..

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