The Scarlett O’Hara Book of Grief – Nicola Mckenzie copyright 2014

    The Scarlett O’Hara Book of Grief

“I’ll think about that tomorrow”
You know I always say,
I quote Scarlett O’Hara
That “tomorrow IS another day”

This time it’s not procrastination,
That I deal with grief this way.
It’s to hide the feelings of devastation
That my Dad has been taken away.

I can’t think about it tomorrow
For today tomorrow has come
It’s the day we must say our last goodbyes,
And wave him off to “Tara, home”.

I miss you my darling Daddy,
I love you more than words can say.
I can’t imagine my life without you
Rest in Peace darling Daddy I pray.

You always said I was the strong one,
And you can always rely on “Our Nic”.
But I don’t really feel very strong today Dad
To be honest I feel really sick.

I feel really sick to the stomach,
That I have to be strong all today.
When I want to stay under the covers,
And cry all my sorrows away.

But “I’ll think about THAT tomorrow”
Because after all “Tomorrow IS another day”

Nicola Mckenzie
Copyright 2014



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